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Social Media Management

You’ve build a great business. Let us help you show that on social media with original and consistent content.


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Why Social Media Management?

In today's world, social media is the true bread and butter of small businesses. Potential customers use social media not only to search for the product or service they're wanting, but they also ask for recommendations from friends, family, and online community groups. Having social media pages that reflect who you are and how you interact with your customers makes it quick and easy to take advantage of the ever-rising popularity in the social media world.

The modern customer appreciates seeing your business's daily adventures, blogs, videos, photos, and more, and with social media you can build a relationship that showcases your brand's expertise and relatability. Think of social media as the new sidewalk. If you want to be seen and talked about, social media is where it's at.

Increased Brand Awareness

With a professional and consistent presence on social media, awareness of your brand will increase.  This means, more of your target audience will become acquainted with your brand.

Customers not only find you, but with social media, they can recommend you to friends by linking your name, stay up to date with your business by seeing your posts in their feed, and easily take advantage of discount offers or sales. This is a direct way to reach your customers repeatedly with your products or services as well, and the brand awareness that builds up from that may well change your new company into a household name.


Establishing Expertise

At The Social Brand, one of our main focuses is highlighting what you do best. In this case, that means highlighting your expertise in your field!

A customer wants to know that you know your product or service well. By using social media to share tips or tricks of the trade, and offer other assistance in areas related to your business, you'll show that you are the company they want to trust. This helps your target audience transition from just knowing your brand, to trusting your brand. Give your customer a reason to trust you, and watch your client base grow!

Social Selling

Social media gives you an audience like no other method can. Use that audience to showcase your products or services! Offer your customers a taste of what your business can do, and you'll be rewarded with more website views, higher revenue, and new sale leads. This is an untapped source of clientele that you may not have realized exists, but now that you know - what are you waiting for?


Why The Social Brand?

The benefits of using The Social Brand for your social media including....

Professional Photoshoot

With monthly or quarterly photoshoots, your social media will highlight what your business is doing right.

Strategy Sessions

Rather than worrying about your social media every day, just think of it once a month with one easy strategy session to review results, upcoming campaigns, and content.

Completely Original Content

Set your business apart from the rest with posts in your brand's specific voice, tone, and perspective.

Increase Brand Awareness

With consistent branded posting, your brand's awareness will increase to both your followers and your target audience.

No contracts

One of the things that sets The Social Brand apart is that our social media management services do not require a contract.

Timely Responses to Customers

You're busy running a business! You shouldn't be bogged down responding to every direct message on social media. We'll keep your response time short with timely customer responses.

Content Approvals

You are always in complete control of everything that gets posted on your social media! With monthly content approvals, you'll have a chance to approve content or ask for edits prior to anything being posted.

The Social Brand Portal

As a Social Brand client, all important employees of your business will receive a login to our portal. On the portal, you'll have access to all of your brand's content, the timing of the content and more.

Analytics at Your Fingertips

With The Social Brand's portal, you can login at any time and review your campaign's analytics. See how your posts are performing on each platform, review your engagement rate and much, much more.

Let's talk about growing your business.

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