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How to Grow Your Business Using Pinterest

By Victory Harbin | Jan 12, 2021

If you’re anything like some of our new clients, Pinterest is the Great Unknown and fills you with anxiety… so you avoid it at all costs!  Just today, I was talking to a longtime client about her social media strategy and I mentioned Pinterest as a new avenue we could explore and she burst out,…

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Keep Your Medical Social Media, um, Social!

By Victory Harbin | Dec 29, 2020

Your days are full of patients, busy to-do lists, managing staff members and more. The last thing you want to be thinking about is social media. What if I told you that social media isn’t as scary and overwhelming as it feels like it is?  What if I told you that social media could be…

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10 Ways To Use Social Media To Reach More Buyers (Plus 1 Bonus Tip!)

By Victory Harbin | Oct 20, 2020

Do you sometimes look at influencers on social media and wonder how in the world they gained the attention of so many people? Are you over trying to sell yourself over and over only to be met with inattention and unresponsiveness? Is your social media follower count in the double (or single) digits?  If you…

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Quick Tip for Social Media

By Victory Harbin | Feb 20, 2020

A quick tip about social media from Victory:  

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Easy Tip for Facebook Cover Photos

By Victory Harbin | Jan 12, 2020

As the new year begins, we see lots of folks updating their Facebook pages. First impressions are a big deal – so here’s an easy tip for your business’ Facebook cover. We know not everyone is familiar with the recommended sizes, the cropping and the reasons for these recommendations. The cover photo is the horizontal…

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Reviews versus Recommendation

By Victory Harbin | Dec 2, 2018

Did you know that word of mouth is still considered the most influential form of advertising?  The only difference is that in 2018, word of mouth is typed out and posted on a review page instead of spoken to friends and family. While Google and Yelp serve as review pages, Facebook is one of the…

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Two young women looking at some funny thing on their smart phone outdoors, sitting on urban steps. Friends girls laughing.

Social Media Stories

By Victory Harbin | Nov 8, 2018

We love seeing business owners who use social media to reach out to their customers. Especially in 2018, any business using social media knows how important it is to share information, photographs, videos, and more through these powerful marketing outlets. What most businesses don’t do, however, is use Facebook and Instagram stories. These are relatively…

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Landing Pages for Social Media Ads

Landing Pages for Social Media Ads

By Victory Harbin | Oct 31, 2018

The What and the Why It’s a common problem – a new business starts trying to advertise on social media, and clicking on their ad takes you straight to their home page without utilizing landing pages. I know that this seems like the best idea. Let’s face it, we all want our website to be…

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A woman looks at the screen of the cell phone in her hand.

Our Tips for Live Videos

By Victory Harbin | Oct 1, 2018

Use it! Our first tip for Live videos, is that you should be doing them, regularly! People are following you because they’re interested in you and your brand. No amount of perfectly edited photos and well-designed marketing campaigns will fully satisfy your customers’ desire to connect with a person. So, give the people what they…

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