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Keep Your Medical Social Media, um, Social!

Your days are full of patients, busy to-do lists, managing staff members and more. The last thing you want to be thinking about is social media. What if I told you that social media isn’t as scary and overwhelming as it feels like it is?  What if I told you that social media could be a powerful tool to connect with your patients, educate them and even promote your medical practice?  In this blog, I’ll provide seven ways you can use social media for your medical practice.  Medical marketing doesn’t have to be overwhelming.


Did you know that research shows 90% of older users reported using social media like Facebook and Twitter to find and share health information?1 That’s right, older folks are using social media!  And they’re talking about their health.  

An infographic or a video from your office staff, providing a friendly moment of advice, can help you connect with these patients in a deeper way and encourage them to keep checking back for more fresh content.


We get it, SEO can be daunting – but a few easy practices can make all the difference.  SEO is all about helping patients find your practice on search engines more easily – pretty important, right?  

SEO can be enriched by directing your patients to not only your own website but other credible sources of information as well. With a hashtag or actual web link, you can easily connect your patients with reliable sources of information. This helps build trust, authority and SEO all in one easy link!


You know the value of wellness education better than anyone.  But finding ways to connect with patients on this topic in a manner that they’ll listen and apply the information can be a challenge! Simple awareness of healthy practices and practical no-cost tips can go a long way in building your brand. Some examples are accessible meal plans, strength training with household equipment such as a chair, or canned food acting as a weight. You can even provide tips for family outings to keep people moving in spite of inclement weather or COVID.


Another easy social media practice is to post often with local images especially as the seasons change. Snowfall, blooming daffodils, bales of hay on rolling farmland, brilliant shades of fall leaves – all become subtle messages that as a health provider you are keeping your content fresh. Even fun images with your staff around the office as you’ve decorated for the season.  These positive messages have an immeasurable impact on mental health as well.


Another simple but impactful post idea is adding potential wisdom for home remedies that have been passed down through the ages for health and wellness. Sprinkling an occasional quotation can help your patients see you as a caring provider, not only when issuing an invoice. Some suggestions are  the Farmer’s Almanac or the Amish community


Setting up discussion boards or chat forums can be tricky when it comes to bad medical advice. Because of this, many medical providers run for the hills when it comes to sharing advice online.  But, we encourage you to be a voice for truth by combatting the misinformation. You may find that the time invested in a regular Question and Answer “column” or video may actually drive traffic to your site and pay off in the long run. 


As medical providers, connecting with your patients in a personal way can sometimes be a challenge. Showcasing your staff, their interests, their personalities and their expertise gives you an excellent opportunity to connect in a human way with your patients.  This is a great way to highlight your team’s expertise while still being personable and, well, social!  When your patients know, like and trust you – you have loyalty for life. 

So there you have it! Seven ways to take advantage of social media for your medical practice. With 79% of Americans on social media, it’s a surefire way to connect with your patients. Take advantage of their valuable attention with simple and engaging content that makes them want to keep coming back for more while also establishing your authority as their provider. As your patients are rewarded for their time with quality content, your business will rise to the top of the priority list as they scroll every day. Still wanting to learn more about social media for your practice?


1Retrieved 12/6/2020 from https://www.jmir.org/2015/3/e70/

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Everything about business is social. We believe growing your business happens through the relationships you build. That’s why everything we do in digital marketing and branding is centered around creating a connection between you and your customer.


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