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What to Expect with The Social Package

What Is It?


No contract - month to month service


Access to The Social Brand portal for all relevant staff members


Monthly Phone or Video Strategy Session


Monthly Report with Analytics (available on The Social Brand's portal at any time)


20% Discount on social media campaign set up


Professional Photoshoot On-Site


Professional Photo Captions


3 Posts a Week


Timely response to all direct messages


Appropriate responses to all engagement


Management of the following profiles:

Google My Business



Yellow Pages

1 Industry-Specific Platform


Response to all reviews and engagement


Quarterly updates and optimization of all profiles

Getting Started

From the time that you sign the contract and make your initial payment to the time that we begin posting on your behalf is typically about two weeks. Obviously, it is our goal to make the process go as smoothly and quickly as possible. So, if we are able - we will begin management sooner!

By the time you're seeing this webpage, you should have already completed your onboarding questionnaire and given us access to your profiles. However, if you have not, please return to the emails sent to you in previous days and complete those actions. Without you completing these things, we will not be able to manage your social media.

The Monthly Process

The Social Brand has perfected its tried-and-true process. Let us show you how we deliver the best results.

  • Strategy

    Before we begin building your content for the month, we will have a quick talk either over the phone or on Zoom to plan out what you want to promote for the month.

  • Photoshoot

    Mitchell, our photographer, will meet you at the agreed-upon location to take your pictures for the month.

  • Content

    You will receive a link with your content for the month to approve. You can also access your content at anytime in our portal. 

  • Engage

    With your approved content, we will post throughout the month and interact with the engagement you receive.

Typically this should be scheduled by the 10th of the previous month.

Typically this should be scheduled by the 15th of the previous month.

Approvals are typically sent out on the 25th, if response isn't received by the 1st - content will run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I (or my staff member) still post on Facebook?

Absolutely! The Social Package only provides you 3 posts a week. We often tell our clients that this package acts as a foundation for you that you can build on or simply let it stand on its own. However, current content is always good to add! You can login to our portal here to view when your other content is going to be posted or even schedule your own content to post!

What happens if I get a bad review?

Our job at The Social Brand is to provide a professional and prompt response - and essentially, to pull the interaction off a public forum where other people can read your response. We strongly recommend avoiding defending yourself in a public format at all times. 87% of consumers care more about the business' response more than the actual bad review! So stay professional. If we response to a bad review, we will do the following:

  1. Validate (We are sorry you had this experience...)
  2. Engage (We'd love to talk to you more about this...)
  3. Change Platforms (Please email us directly at .... to discuss further...)
  4. Notify You (We will email you/call you as soon as we respond so you or your staff can promptly respond off of the social media platform.)

From there, the best thing to do is to simply bury a negative review with positive ones! Ask happy customers to go review you.

Do I own the content The Social Brand creates on my behalf?

Absolutely. You are free to reuse any photos or content created on your behalf as a part of The Social Package. 

Can I pause my services?

The Social Package can be paused for 30 days. While services are paused, The Social Brand will not be creating/posting content on your behalf or managing your notifications.

If you go past 30 days, we will offboard your company. This simply means that we will remove our access to all of your profiles and provide your access to the content we created on your company's behalf. If you choose to resume services, we will have to go through the onboarding process again.

Can you tag people in the posts you do for us?

In a technical sense, yes. But, we don't. Simply because it is very difficult for us to tell if we're tagging the correct pages, people or products. We are happy to put posts up and you are welcome to manually go back in and tag whatever you please. But typically, it's best for us to not be involved in the tagging processing. (Trust us, we've tagged incorrectly a few times....)

What happens if I can't schedule my photoshoot by the 15th of the month?

Typically, if your company's photoshoot cannot be completed by the 15th of the month, we will use stock photography for your content. We do strongly advise taking advantage of your monthly photoshoot as original content always receives better engagement. However, stock content is better than no content. If you want to take advantage of the photoshoot after stock photography has already been sourced, an additional $200 charge will apply.

What happens if I want to send you more pictures to use throughout the month?

Although we do believe in marketing, there should be no surprises - we also get it! Fun things happen throughout the month you want to post about or you get busy and can't get us everything by the 15th of the month. We are happy to help you post additional content throughout the month but additional fees will apply. View pricing table below for rates.

How do I pause or terminate my services?

We understand that things in business change - that's why our services do not require a contract. However, do to the enormous amount of planning that does go into this service, we have to require a 30-day notice as of January 1st, 2020. This simply means that if you do want to cease posting - you can request this at any time, but you will still be responsible for payment for a month when the content creation process has already begun. I'm sure as fellow business owners you can understand the reasoning for this policy.


The Social Package

as described above on this page
$  500 month

The Email Thing

Original monthly newsletter sent via Mailchimp to your list of email addresses
$  250 per email

Additional Platform

Posting same content on additional platform (Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn)
$  100 platform

Additional 12 Posts

Increasing planned posts to 6 posts per week
$  175

Unplanned Additional Post

One post added after approval with 7 days notice
$  25

Unplanned Additional Post

One post added after content approval with 3 days notice
$  50

Last Minute Additional Post

Less than 24 Hour Notice for additional post on 1 platform
$  75

Immediate Additional Post

Additional Post to be posted within 1 hour (*not available on holidays or after 7PM)
$  250

Additional Photoshoot

Additional photoshoot (up to 2 hours) to cover event or create additional content
$  200

Photoshoot Travel Fee

If your monthly photoshoot can not be completed in Knox, Blount, or Anderson counties, a travel fee will apply - minimum of $50
$  25 driving hour

Have Questions?

As always with us, if something doesn't make sense or you have questions - just call us or email us! We are here for you.