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We are The Social Brand.

We're obsessed with two things:


We Connect the Two

Your marketing has to have both - a community of raving fans and results that drive profit. We get it - your website, social media, ads and emails need to do a lot more than just look good. They have to convert visitors into leads and leads into customers.

We believe people are the foundation of business. You, your team, your customers or patients. Everything is about the connections we form, the impressions we give and the value we offer to one another. We help you craft your brand’s first impressions to convert people into customers or patients.

Motto 2

Learn more about what we do.

Not Your Mama's Blog - 2

Anybody can write a boring blog about marketing, but not everyone can bring our unique perspective on the topic full of fun GIF’s, relatable humor and easy to understand explanations of powerful topics. 

The Social Brand creates content on branding, marketing, small businesses, contractors and healthcare marketing.  We teach you everything from how to use Pinterest to grow your email list to what SEO is and more. We want to be your expert friend with the latest tips and tricks on how to grow your business.

Facebook Tips for Marketing Your Contracting Business

We know your business is fun and exciting to YOU, but how can you show that to your customers? How can you grab their attention on social media, specifically on Facebook? Lucky for you, Facebook is the perfect place for you to market your business, especially for contractors! In this blog, we’ll give you our…
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Meet The Team: Ryan

Hi 👋. I am Ryan, the Website and Graphic Designer here at The Social Brand. I handle everything regarding websites, including building, optimizing, and maintaining, to building brand assets, like logos and various printwork, for small businesses. I help ensure that other small businesses are building a digital presence that truly works for them, rather…
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6 Marketing Tips for Facebook

Facebook was founded in 2004, and it is most certainly the most popular and important social media tool you can use to grow your business. In this blog, we will be laying out 6 Marketing Tips for Facebook that you as a small business owner can use to grow your business. 1- Consistent Posting Everything…
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Meet The Team: Ashley

Meet Ashley. Hello everyone! I am the Project Manager here at The Social Brand. I am in charge of handling day-to-day projects, scheduling and communicating with clients, and ensuring everyone involved has the resources they need to complete the project in a timely manner. I have a background in accounting, bookkeeping, customer service, real estate,…
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Leadership in Business

As a young Leader, I attended a Conference called, “Leading and Preaching to Change Lives” with John Maxwell and Bill Hybels. In a particular session with Bill Hybels (1997), on “Leadership Gift Mix and Style,” I was transformed. That conference, was over 33 years ago, and much has happened since then. As a child, my…
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BIG Business Failures in History & How You Can Learn From Them

Have you heard the name Henry Ford before? And J.K. Rowling? What about Walt Disney? These iconic figures all have something in common, they have failed. Big time. Today, Henry Ford is known as the man who revolutionized the transportation industry. His most successful car was the Model T, and the Ford Motor Company was…
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Some Freebies Made Just For You

Want to see what your website is missing?

Check out our free website audit worksheet to learn if your website is working for you or against you.


Do you know who your dream clients are?

Check out our customer persona worksheet that helps you identify exactly who you’re looking to attract to your business to accomplish your dreams.

Are you a medical or dental practice looking to grow your online presence?

Check out our guide on how to use digital marketing techniques for your medical or dental practice and see what our clients are doing to find success today.


The Social is a place where we all show up a couple of times a month in your email inbox and talk about what you need to know about marketing, branding and more.  Wanna be the first to know when we drop new content, schedule a free class or share a new marketing tip? Sign up for The Social today.

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