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Put your business out into the world with ongoing marketing efforts.

You're doing something right or you wouldn't be here.

But how do you stay relevant in a world full of noise?

Keeping up with the hamster wheel when you're busy running a business is exhausting. 

Social Media

SEO & Pay Per Click

Email Marketing & More

The Social Package

The Social Package is a great option for those who have a strong brand image and are ready to start getting their message out to their audience on social media.


No contract - month to month service

Access to The Social Brand's Portal for all relevant staff members


Management of the following profiles:

Google My Business, Bing, Yelp, Yellow Pages & 1 additional Industry-specific Platform

Response to all reviews

Monthly update of all profiles


Professional Photography Session

Professional Photo Captions

3 Posts/Week

Timely Response to all direct messages

Appropriate responses to all engagement


Monthly Strategy Session

Monthly Reports with Analytics

The Email Thing

The Email Thing is a monthly newsletter plan. Great for building rapport with your customers and staying top of mind with your contacts.

Let us handle keeping your clients in the know about your business and any news or services you offer.

Keep Your Customers in the Loop

We send a custom email newsletter to your list every month.

A quick, monthly strategy call will give you a chance to tell us what you want discussed.

The Email Thing-01

Professional Content

Professionally written

Professional Graphics

The SEO Package

The Search Package is designed for ongoing search engine optimization or SEO. This service is designed to help your business rank better on Google so that people can find you more easily when they're looking for your services.


No contract - month to month service


In-Depth Competitive Analysis of Top 3 Competitors in the first Month

In-Depth Keyword Research

Ongoing Monthly Keyword Tracking


Initial rewrite of copy for up to 12 pages on your website

Monthly Blog optimized for keywords

Quarterly Press Release



Initial optimization of technical optimization of your website such as speed, load time and site structure.

Google Analytics Set-Up

Google Search Console Set-Up 

Ongoing Optimization


Initial report of current back links 

Quarterly Press Release

Ongoing Link Building


Monthly Strategy Session

Monthly Reports with Analytics

The Search Package

The Search Package is all about pay-per-click advertising. This package is about managed Google ad campaigns.


No contract - month to month service

Monthly PDF report with Google Data Studio

Short 3-5 Minute Video Walk Through sent right to your email inbox every month with your report


In-Depth Industry and Competitive Research

In-Depth Keyword Research

Full Analysis Tracking the Advertising Footprint of your Biggest Competitors



Included in our services is ensuring that Google Analytics is properly installed on your website and landing pages as well as linked to your Google Ads

Implementing Google Tag Manager to install additional tags


Regular Search Term Analysis and Keyword Sculpting 

On-Going Bid Adjustments based on auction analysis. Bid Adjustments are made on several different levels (ad group, keyword, demographic, location, device, time and more)

Regular ad rotation based off of key data points such as click-through rates and conversion rates

Landing page/website recommendations made in an attempt to improve conversion data

The Other Stuff

At The Social Brand, we believe in designing an individualized plan for your business that isn't cookie cutter. Although we do offer packages, we also offer lots of other services individually.


Targeting locations has been proven to be an incredibly effective strategy to capture your target audience. This approach pinpoints the areas that your target audience is located in and puts your business in front of those people. 

Email Marketing

Studies tell us that for every $1 spent on email marketing, business owners recoup an average of almost $40. This approach is so incredibly effective because you're talking to your people - your customers and people who have opted in to hear from you. When you talk to your tribe, they want to buy from you.

Blog Content

Blogs are multi-purpose which is part of why we love them so much! A blog makes great content for email newsletter, social media posts and are wonderful for SEO. They can be great for adding value to your customer's feed, answering questions and even aid you in ranking for important keywords. But, not everybody is a writer and that's where The Social Brand comes in! We take your ideas and deliver an engaging, interesting blog for you to share.

Social Media Ad Campaigns

Americans check Facebook an average of 14 times a day and spend a total of 50 minutes on the platform every single day. This makes social media a great way to reach your customers. But without the right visuals, the right captions and the correct strategy, social media ads can easily become a waste of your capital. Let certified ad professionals help you grow online.