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Top 5 Ways Google Analytics Can Help Your Business

By Ryan Murr | Mar 16, 2021

Google Analytics is a free, powerful tool that helps you see all of the analytics related to your website. In other words, it shows you how many visits your website gets, where those visits come from, and what those visitors do on your website.  At first glance, it can look incredibly intimidating with all of…

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The Deal with Online Reviews

By Victory Harbin | Mar 13, 2020

Studies tell us over and over again, that online reviews help move the needle when it comes to bringing in new customers.  According to reviewtrackers.com, “approximately 53% of consumers visit a business within 48 hours of performing a local search on Google.”  If you are brand new to online reviews and the profiles you can…

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What is SEO

What is SEO?

By Victory Harbin | Jan 6, 2019

  If you want to be found online, SEO is your ticket.   You’ve probably heard this term before. Anyone who works in the marketing field is obsessed with SEO – and anyone else thinks it’s mumbo jumbo.  This three-letter acronym is tiny and yet is incredibly important to the success of any website. So…

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An illustration showing a park in the center of a map with roadways and buildings.

What is Local SEO?

By Victory Harbin | Dec 19, 2018

Owning a local business brings a whole new spin to the work you put into your SEO (search engine optimization). You may have some great keywords on your website, but if you are marketing mostly to your local community, you might find that you’re not getting the results you really want. A click originating from…

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A cell phone on a white marble background. The screen shows the home page of the Google search engine.

Being Found Online

By Victory Harbin | Oct 22, 2018

 We talk to people every day who aren’t being found online. They often express that they feel so overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. So, here are our beginner’s steps for the business trying to be found online! These profiles are the beginning steps to developing your brand’s Local SEO strategy. [full_width] 1. Google…

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