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Landing Pages for Social Media Ads

Landing Pages for Social Media Ads

By Victory Harbin | Oct 31, 2018

The What and the Why It’s a common problem – a new business starts trying to advertise on social media, and clicking on their ad takes you straight to their home page without utilizing landing pages. I know that this seems like the best idea. Let’s face it, we all want our website to be…

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A marketing plan is represented by a blackboard with the word, "Social," written on it in chalk followed by coded post it notes.

Why You Should Have a Marketing Plan

By Victory Harbin | Oct 25, 2018

When we build a marketing plan with business owners, we’re not just providing them a service. We want to help them guide their business through the ins and outs of marketing. There’s a lot more to it than placing ads or joining social media sites – and it’s not as easy as one might think.…

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A cell phone on a white marble background. The screen shows the home page of the Google search engine.

Being Found Online

By Victory Harbin | Oct 22, 2018

 We talk to people every day who aren’t being found online. They often express that they feel so overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. So, here are our beginner’s steps for the business trying to be found online! These profiles are the beginning steps to developing your brand’s Local SEO strategy. [full_width] 1. Google…

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A woman looks at the screen of the cell phone in her hand.

Our Tips for Live Videos

By Victory Harbin | Oct 1, 2018

Use it! Our first tip for Live videos, is that you should be doing them, regularly! People are following you because they’re interested in you and your brand. No amount of perfectly edited photos and well-designed marketing campaigns will fully satisfy your customers’ desire to connect with a person. So, give the people what they…

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