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The Cycle of Promoting Your Business

By Victory Harbin | Mar 6, 2020

At The Social Brand, we know that there are two parts of promoting your business – branding and marketing. We guide all businesses to start with their branding efforts and once they have a strong branding foundation, then it’s time to move into marketing.  It’s very important that you understand what these things are so…

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Writing a Mission Statement (that Doesn’t Suck)

By Victory Harbin | Feb 28, 2020

At The Social Brand, when we begin working with a new client one of the first things we ask for is their mission statement. Most of the time I get one of the following responses: Deer in the headlights look, then they hang their head and say “Oh I knew you were going to ask me…

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Quick Tip for Social Media

By Victory Harbin | Feb 20, 2020

A quick tip about social media from Victory:  

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The Email Thing

By Victory Harbin | Feb 6, 2020

It seems old fashioned. In a Slack, Facebook, Dropbox world, using decades-old technology like email may make you feel like you’re the old person at the farm-to-table, community seating restaurant. The last thing you want right now is to seem out of touch with the customers you’re hoping to win over. But take heart old…

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New Year, New You

By Victory Harbin | Jan 20, 2020

Your new customers are waiting for you, and you’re missing them. That may sound dramatic, but it’s true. Your business is one of the thousands of advertising voices your potential clients are hearing throughout the day. You know you’ve got a great product or service to offer, but your message sounds more like the teacher…

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Easy Tip for Facebook Cover Photos

By Victory Harbin | Jan 12, 2020

As the new year begins, we see lots of folks updating their Facebook pages. First impressions are a big deal – so here’s an easy tip for your business’ Facebook cover. We know not everyone is familiar with the recommended sizes, the cropping and the reasons for these recommendations. The cover photo is the horizontal…

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30 Second Tip: See How Google Sees Your Website

By Chad Rogers | Dec 5, 2019

We hear questions about websites all the time! Here’s our quick 30 second tip on how to see how your website is performing.   If you ever need to get a quick snapshot of how your website is performing – this is an easy way to get started.   1 – Open Chrome 2 –…

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Telling a Story Instead of Marketing

By Victory Harbin | Nov 12, 2019

Everyone has a story.   That sounds generic, right? It looks like something you’d see on an inspirational Instagram post, followed by a 400-word rant about someone finding themselves through CrossFit.   Take a minute to let that sink in, though. Your story is everything that has led up to this very moment of you…

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Physical Health + Mental Health = Whole Health (in Life and in Business)

By Booth Andrews | Oct 10, 2019

“No Body. No Business,” says Kate Northrup, entrepreneur, speaker and writer whose latest book Do Less, explores the lessons she learned about how to maintain or even increase the financial results of her business during her first pregnancy and the first year(s) of her daughter’s life. Penelope had a skin condition that kept her from…

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