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Victory Harbin

Co-Owner and Content Strategist


Victory Harbin is a digital marketing expert who partners with business owners to get their messages online and speaks on digital marketing topics all over the country.  Victory knows first-hand about the roller coaster that is entrepreneurship!  Because of this experience, she just loves helping business owners grow their business through online marketing.


Victory has worked with many small business owners in the Knoxville market grow this way.  From helping pages triple their following count in a short amount of time, to increasing revenue by advertising their products and services through managed ads, Victory knows how to use social media to grow small businesses.  She is a trained Social Media and Community Director and Search Marketing Specialist.  She has also studied digital advertising and is certified in Google AdWords.  Victory holds a BS from King University, based in Bristol, TN.

Her greatest joys in life are her family and dog, Willow. She enjoys learning new things and taking weekend trips to explore new areas.  She loves making new connections, so consider connecting with her on social media where she admittedly, shares too many pictures of Willow and muses about her thoughts on life.