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Writing a Mission Statement (that Doesn’t Suck)

At The Social Brand, when we begin working with a new client one of the first things we ask for is their mission statement. Most of the time I get one of the following responses: Deer in the headlights look, then they hang their head and say “Oh I knew you were going to ask me…

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Quick Tip for Social Media

A quick tip about social media from Victory:   Victory HarbinVictory Harbin is one of the owners of The Social Brand and is a content strategist. She helps people be smart about using content to get the best results to grow their business.

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The Email Thing

It seems old fashioned. In a Slack, Facebook, Dropbox world, using decades-old technology like email may make you feel like you’re the old person at the farm-to-table, community seating restaurant. The last thing you want right now is to seem out of touch with the customers you’re hoping to win over. But take heart old…

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